Our Postal Rates are as Follows:


1 Item £1.50

2 or more items Maximum Total Postal Cost will be £3.00



1 Item 6.77 euro

Each additional item will be an additional 2.41 euro

So 1 item = 6.77 euro   2 Items 9.18 euro 3 Items 11.59 euro etc


Rest of the World

1 Item $8.78

Each additional item will be an additional $2.44

So 1 item = $8.78   2 Items $11.22   3 Items $13.66 etc


You Can Have your CDs sent without Jewel Cases for cheaper NON UK postage (see below):

We appreciate that for our non UK customers postage costs have increased considerably over the last few years so have introduced a new facility which might help. If you want, you can now get your CDs sent without jewel cases (if you just order as normal, CDs will be sent WITH jewel cases). This slashes international postal costs considerably. I have given a few examples below.

Mail costs for 3 CDs to outside Europe (The Rest of the World) is $13.23 With Jewel Cases and $8 Without. 7 CDs would be $23.42 With and $8 Without. 18 CDs would be $48.66 With and $12.11 Without- a saving of $36.55!

Mail costs for 3 CDs to non UK Europe is 11.59 euro With Jewel Cases and 5.37 euro Without. 7 CDs would be 21.27 euro With and 5.37 euro Without. 18 CDs would be 47.86 euro With and 7.68 euro Without- a saving of over 40 euro!

As I mentioned earlier, if you just order as normal we will send CDs With Jewel Cases but if you want them sending without thus saving a shed load of postage costs you will need to use a coupon. These Coupons are entered into the Coupon Box of your Cart (top left) just before you check out. The Coupons are as follows:

no jc eur x  for non UK Europe
no jc row x   for outside Europe (Rest Of World)

Where x represents the number of CDs you are purchasing so for instance if you live in non UK Europe and you are purchasing 7 CDs your Coupon would be no jc eur 7 and if you lived outside Europe your Coupon for purchasing 7 CDs would be no jc row 7  Remember to click on Apply Coupon after entering your Coupon. When you do this your postage will be discounted by the amounts outlined above.

Please note that if some of the CDs you have ordered are not in Jewel cases (such as digipacks etc) we will send them complete, as they are, without removing anything and you will still get the discounted postage.

The Coupons will work up to purchasing 19 CDs. If you are purchasing more than that (thanks very much!) please contact me first ( before ordering and I will arrange a special discount for you.

This facility is not for the UK as the maximum you will ever pay in postage is just 3 pounds.