Perge Aural Coefficients

Perge / Aural Coefficients Within A Fractal Plane (The Secret Tapes Volume 1)

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Extract from Anfa Part 1 If you aren’t already aware of who Perge are (Graham Getty and Matthew Stringer) then you really need to check them out. Most of their output is ‘inspired’ by Schmoelling era Tangerine Dream but they also sometimes dip their toes into the mid to late 70’s period. In some ways their inspiration is so great, with frequent references to TDs actual music, that there is also a huge does of ‘Tribute’ in there as well. What they do though, they do so well. If you like earlier Arcane for instance you are almost certain to like their music. Another HUGE aspect to Perge though is the visual aspect of what they do. They really don’t take themselves seriously- indeed you could say they take the p*ss but in a very very funny way. Their album and track titles usually have some sort of wordplay on an actual TD title and the artwork is usually a twist on TDs artwork. With this album they have actually taken their inspiration from an early bootleg. The music this time pretends to have been recorded in 1975 (when in reality both guys were young children!) with full audience reaction between the tracks. This is not bootleg sound quality though- the wonderful sonic textures, bass sequences (and what sequences!) along with lovely mellotron can all be heard in perfect sound quality. All four long tracks should be an absolute delight for Berlin School fans of this period. I absolutely loved it.

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Extract from Anfa Part 1 A must for mid 70’s Tangerine Dream fans.