Kubusschnitt / Nightshade

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Artwork & Disc are in Mint Condition

This is all new music, performed live at the NSC but it has been tarted up a little. Gurgling, watery atmospherics mix with spooky sounds- sort of like a mix between ‘Aqua’ and some of the darker bits from ‘Sorcerer’. Soft deep melancholy flutey pads mix with little guitar licks. It’s all so gentle and moody- hitting the spot perfectly. Echoing distorted speech leads us on to the Second Part. A sequence begins quite low in the mix, developing all the time, gradually getting louder and faster. The intensity builds wonderfully. The pulsations are supported by lush mellotron then a strident lead line all going together to form quite a heady mesmerizing brew. From the half way mark more sequences come in, scattering notes at a hundred miles an hour. Things calm down again, momentarily, for an excellent tron solo only to surge once more before decomposing into a distorted vocal monologue leading to Part Three. We return to watery realms out of which emerges first one gorgeous melody then another, both fitting together perfectly in a laid back dreamy way. I would say this is the most beautiful track Kubusschnitt have ever composed. Part Four begins with unintelligible echoing speech. A bell type sequence does its delicate serene thing. Another sequence starts to very slowly emerge in the third minute combining hypnotically with the first. We are shaken back to reality in the seventh minute as the guitar enters, first growling at us then spitting fire. Meek and mild this ain’t! Similar can be said of the final part but this time the power comes from an awesome sequence which impacts from the very first second supported by yet more fantastic ‘Sorcerer’ sounding backing. It really did take me back to TD at their mid 70s best. In the fourth minute the guitar returns to impart still further oomph and continues to whip up a storm right to the end. A simply stunning concert. (DL)