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OK, we know what your are thinking. “Another download site, why should I bother with this lot?”. Well, we like to think we are different. We’re not in the numbers game here. We care about the product. We’ve been selling CDs virtually since they were invented. We want to bring the same philosophy to download music. A premium quality product for the discerning customer who wants a CD quality album on their shelves within hours of clicking the buy button. It’s possible, with

So, we’ll turn the tables. Have you got a fully mastered album available with full digital artwork? Are you willing to spend a bit of time carefully preparing it for the customer? If so, we may just be made for each other.

We think you’ll be surprised what you find when you sign up. We’ve spent a lot of time developing unique software capable of handling the size of files needed to deliver the quality promise. It’s not “magic wand” stuff. It takes care and pride on your part. But, it was the same for CD wasn’t it? Only, this time, your dont have to fork out multiple thousands up front. It’s free.

Fill out the form, you’ve nothing to lose. We’ll then review your application and quickly email you back with the details required to get started.

We truly think you’ll be surprised. But until you apply, you’ll never know…

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