AirSculpture / Attrition System


AirSculpture / Attrition System

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An album derived from three sessions during late ’95/early ’96, here we are presented with AirSculpture in their “raw” form. The music from the sessions was never intended for release, however such was the quality that 8 pieces have been chosen to represent AirSculpture at a point in time. Being a band that does not intend to stand still, this would seem a good tactic. The bizarrely titled ‘Amazonian Lepidoptera Theorise on Chaos’ opens the album and immediately we are presented by lush, penetrating synth lines and complex sequence patterns which have become such a trademark, and ‘Syzgy’ repeats the formula with more searing synths heralding an oscillating sequence. ‘Slow Glass’ is a superbly constructed bridging piece which features impressive electronic textures, and ‘Gegenschein’ weaves complementary themes around a powerful and pulsing sequence. ‘Void’ opens with rumbling, brooding effects which lead to a beautifully poised mixture of synth themes and timbres. ‘Attrition System’ builds in a similar way but then is led in a different direction by the sequence and some great synthesised electric guitar. ‘Malebranche’ conjures up visions of light breaking through clouds as the brooding opening gives way to optimistic themes which weave their way brilliantly around the shifting sequence producing, for me, possibly the highpoint of the album, though ‘Counterglow’ runs it close with more epic synth pads and refrains fleshing out a staccato sequence. This is another mesmeric journey through improvised synthesis packed full of memorable moments. (GG) ;\ ‘\’