AirSculpture / Europa

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AirSculpture / Europa

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The complete set of AirSculpture’s triumphant Alpha Centauri appearance is now available on this CD. This is a review of the actual concert, and though musically identical the order on the CD has been changed slightly. Dense textures open proceedings, with crescendo after crescendo being delivered as the first sequencer run is prepared. As it breaks through the background subsides leaving the electronic pulsations almost in isolation. Soon themes re-emerge and consolidate as the sequence lines pile on the pressure. Focus shifts to Prophecy leads as they slice through the soundstage. As the sequence regains the high ground, it is constantly manipulated into an array of contortions. The fade heralds another wave of rasping synths, and almost immediately another sequence starts to take shape. A holding pattern is formed from high and low register patterns. A percussive element joins the fray, then a heavy beat takes centre stage. Guitar synth motifs clutch at the sequential rhythm. The heavy beat drives on as more effects show their hand. Suddenly the beat stops to leave the sequence to fade, bringing to an end the opening 22 minute section of the concert. Audience applause subsides into a brooding soundscape. The atmospherics are built skilfully into the organic sequence which emerges from the malaise. Counterpart rhythms are set running, and subtle synth layers are created to match the mood perfectly. The band really are tuning into each other’s directions and intentions on this piece, skills which are further developed with each session they perform. Section 3 is introduced by a wall of synth layers from which a racey sequence emerges. The pulsations form a shifting tapestry which is populated by darting electronic motifs. The way the sequence constantly mutates is great, and shows the effectiveness of real time “hands on” sequencing. The patterns break down into a mass of oscillations which in turn reveal more brooding synth work which is developed into an impressive section of atmospheric EM reminiscent of TD’s ‘Desert Dream’ from ‘Encore’. Again it shows how another aspect of AirSculpture’s work is progressing at a pace. Audience reaction demands an encore and the piece which is delivered is, for me, the highlight of the album. The sequence work is tremendous and the whole section shows what AirSculpture in full flow is all about. Simply a tremendous piece of “full on” Electronic Music. A second encore was demanded, and the short pastiche which ends the concert is based around a steady sequence which is wound down almost to a standstill. Great concert, great album. AirSculpture go from strength to strength. Hear the proof. (GG) ;\ ‘\’