Andy Pickford / Maelstrom 2019


Andy Pickford / Maelstrom 2019
Most of the tracks have longer running times than on the original.

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Andy Pickford / Maelstrom 2019

Edited notes from Andy:

Well here we are with something I genuinely thought wasn’t going to be possible. The viability of the source files for one thing. On the previous 16bit remaster one thing I wasn’t able to achieve to any degree of satisfaction, was to de-clip and de-saturate files which had already been through the mastering process. That’s a mid-90’s mastering process at a large London studio ie: flatlined most of the way through.

Along comes 2019 and I’ve got a few better, individual source files (I found a backup DAT!), I have de-clipping, de-saturation and all round general de-shitting. I ended up surprising myself on hearing the difference. In all, this is a pretty viable upgrade to the original and should make you lovely audiophiles quite happy.
Oh, and brace yourself for dynamics. This version of Maelstrom actually has them!! I don’t actually know how the wavefile un-flatlines itself and starts sounding nice again, but who cares, it works!

I also noticed the initial process had really raised up any drums and focused on giving a 90’s thud to any kick drums, at the behest of the actual bass and some mid stereo spread. So I re-emphasised that.
Basically i did my best to create something more like what my stuff sounds like today.