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DBKaos / Art of Sacrifice

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This is the latest release on Ian Boddy’s DiN label. ‘Stars Look Down’ begins with lush pads and the odd whooshing cosmic effect. In the fourth minute a pleasant rhythmic loop adds structure taking us forward. More loops are gradually introduced as thing becoming quite syncopated, especially in the seventh minute when a very deep bass drum sound (not dance) comes in. I could feel it deep in my chest even at low volume. The range of frequencies here are vast, stimulating the senses throughout. In the ninth minute the rhythms depart and we are left with an intriguing dark soup of sounds through which the main rhythmic loop returns, this time accompanied by an even deeper bass rhythm than before. High frequency almost splashing beats fizz over the top. It really is a fantastic opener. We float into ‘Mirror 2 Level 4’ on a sea of uncluttered little bleeps, all rather strange and mysterious. In the fourth minute a more substantial rhythm starts up along with spooky vocal effects. The track is stripped down in the last minute finishing with an echo to silence. More cool beats get ‘After the Migration’ underway, nothing too in ye face though. A staccato lead line, almost a rhythmic loop itself, positively bounces along. It’s all quite melodic but without any pads and hardly any colouring at all, just one great mass of pulsations. In the fifth minute things get even stranger, the bass beats becoming still deeper, almost growling, before the main melodic loop re-enters, this time with a slightly different rhythmic backing. With four minutes to go an additional lead line is brought in providing the most melodic moment of the album so far and gives proceedings a pleasant lift at just the right time. ‘Edelyon Alpha’ returns us once more to a collage of eerie sounds. Out of this an echoing melodic loop emerges, initially at quite a low volume though gradually getting louder. Pads swell underneath and whooshing sounds fly over the top. It’s rather relaxing and pleasant but still being constructed mainly of looped notes and pulsations. The most effective feature is the sparing use of some bass stabs that add a little excitement to proceedings. Some more very effective shuffling beats are introduced near the end of the seventh minute and the track becomes urgent and stimulating. More little melodic loops come in enhancing an already excellent track still further. This is my favourite number on the CD. ‘Hydrosphere’ is a very atmospheric track and suitably watery, like listening to sounds whilst swimming in the depths. There are some samples used that I swear are from Klaus Schulze’s ‘Audentity’album though heavily treated (I am sure someone will tell me if I’m wrong). We finish with the title track following straight on from the last one with the sound of birds bridging both pieces. Dark swirling pads take over like a storm brewing. The noise of the wind comes in powerful gusts. More melodic loops take over but these soon disappear into a collage of sounds out of which a low slow bass rhythm gradually rises. The overall effect is quite menacing becoming more intense all the time, even more so when a faster insistent beat is introduced in the sixth minute, then yet more rhythm, developing into quite a frenzy. This is certainly music of today using a full array of digital sounds very well produced, at times laid back and at others rather intense. If pushed I would say it is ambient trance but at some moments it does much more than would be expected of that category. Recommended, especially if you are already a fan of the DiN label and cutting edge electronica. (DL) ;\ ‘\’