Ian Boddy & Bernhard Wostheinrich / Moire


Ian Boddy and Bernhard Wostheinrich / MoireArtwork is in Mint Condition, Disc Excellent

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Ian Boddy & Bernhard Wostheinrich / Moire Artwork is in Mint Condition, Disc Excellent

‘Accretion’ gets straight into sequencer driven mode. This is a sequence with a difference however. Sure it is exciting, deep and powerful but the sounds used are much more contemporary than retro. Slow leads float over the top then an excellent rather heavy but also extremely cool rhythm is thrown into the mix. This really is a superb opener- you just have to turn that volume up to neighbour hating proportions. The wonderful avalanche of beats and pulsations continues through into ‘Perambulator’. Indeed, if anything, this is even more intense than the first track with wonderfully clipped beats full of attitude and energy making the foundations shake. ‘Diffractions’ calms things down somewhat with a thick gloop of sounds bringing up pictures of a swamp full of small slithering creatures. ‘Scorpio’ starts with rapid but distorted beats over a collage of what sounds like cut up bits of speech. More rhythm is added and it’s really rather heavy and uncompromising stuff, a sort of mixture of crash, thunder and bass thud. It’s like nothing I have heard before but as subtle as a sledgehammer. Little melodies sort of fizz and bounce over the top in very staccato fashion as if the keys were red hot thus could only be pressed for a fraction of a second. It all goes together to form a very curious and inventive track indeed. ‘Diaphragm’ begins with what could be the sound of strange aliens breathing over weird cosmic effects. Would have been ideal for a Sci Fi horror film. The sounds mainly seem to be heavily processed and manipulated- no pre-sets here! The title track is a little more conventional combining relatively dense sequences with high register ones. They swirl round each other making cool, even psychedelic, patterns. Soft sighing pads inhabit the middle ground. More cool rhythms complete the picture. It’s the sort of track which you just let your body gently move to without requiring too much energy. Inventive but accessible stuff. ‘Fractalise’ begins with random blips and bleeps. A sequence (of sorts) which is just as bleepy as its backing acts like a little ripple of sound above it all. It all amounts to a rather laid back but also curious piece. ‘Method Count’ is initially all rather darkly cosmic. A pulse is added echoing into the distance, then another. They speed up and with the addition of a rather nice rhythm go together to form a quirky but still pleasant number that got my hands beating out time on the table and put a smile on my face. ‘Cloister’ has a suitably ecclesiastical start with a lone bell chiming out, slightly muffled by a swirling fog. More rhythms are added mixing with the bell perfectly and again I found it hard to keep my hands still enough to type this. There is something of a tranquil break in the middle with more bright tones mixing with the bell but as expected the beats return. One of my favourite tracks on the album. We finish with ‘Smash & Grab’. As you would expect it is a powerful hundred mile an hour piece with a somewhat ‘dirty’ and urban feel to it going from one mean groove to another. (DL) ;\ ‘\’