Javi Canovas / In This Moment in This Place


Pure Berlin School Heaven! If you are into sequencer music this album is simply essential.


This disc is a bit special- my favorite release from 2009. It is one long 70 minute track but with many different sections. It was recorded live but you would never know it, sounding like a wonderfully crafted studio album of all new music. Fizzing electronics give way to the first sequence and even at this stage the quality shines through. It is rather melodic, bouncing along beautifully. A second sequence nestles with the first perfectly as a gorgeous slow lead hovers above the pulsations. Yet another sequence comes in, packing quite a punch, the melody swelling in response. The sequences then build to such amazingly powerful proportions, diving this way and that. Just turn up the volume and make the ground shake. This is absolutely awesome stuff. In the twelfth minute things subside to a rather spooky section lasting just a couple of minutes before another earthquake of a sequence bursts through, full of rumbling bass and enormous energy. Things are softened slightly by a contrasting flutey lead line and whooshing effects. A higher register sequence enters flying over it all, the initial sequence storming back creating even more wonderful mayhem than before. Very gradually the intensity subsides only to return again in wave after wave. By the twenty sixth minute we are given time to get our breath back, relaxing in the beautiful gentle pads. A fizzing lead adds a little detail before things become really deep then rather stormy. Javi has already shown us what he can do with power sequencing, now he shows us that he is also an expert at atmospheric descriptive music. The images that come to my mind are of a rather strange rainforest. A slow pulse can be heard, as if something is awakening. A brace of playful sequences change the mood once more, like rays of bright light twinkling through the canopy above. The tone is optimistic and the pace fast. The sequences start to surge, gaining power all the time, sounding like a crackling raging fire. This section then changes in character once more as yet another sequence / melodic loop is thrown in the brew, like a giant crushing all before it- absolutely amazing. There are so many elements to each section, every one fitting perfectly with the whole. Things start to subside as a single slow lead settles over it all like some vast hand smothering all beneath it. We then get another gentle interlude, this time with lovely solo piano. It’s really quite tender stuff, softening us up nicely for the next sequential barrage. It starts off simply enough with a sturdy twangy sequence, a second rapid one darting in and out of the pulsations like a wasp around a picnic table but then as more and more roller coaster sequences and mellotron are introduced we are once again in the middle of another blistering turbo charged wall of sound. Pure Berlin School Heaven! If you are into sequencer music this album is simply essential. DFL ;\ ‘\’