Javi Canovas / Red Metal


Yet another excellent album by Javi that from time to time reminded me a little of Rainbow Serpent.

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‘Circadian Rhythms’ gets straight into an infectious groove that should get your whole body moving to the wonderful beats. Things get even better as the strongest melody Javi has come up with on any of his albums so far weaves through the wonderful pulsations. A rolling percussive sequence provides a rather reflective start to ‘Radiometry’. Slow drums take up this mood. A second sequence comes in, upping the pace a little but even so there’s still an edgy moodiness to it all. ‘Conmutation Q’ quietens things down a bit as shimmering drones bring up images of sunlight reflecting from gently undulating water. Sequences return with a vengeance for ‘Cibercafe’ as two blast forward wonderfully, heavy bass pulses shaking the floor. The pulsations themselves are quite melodic but are also accompanied by subtle lead lines. The sequences surge forward from time to time in increasing waves of devastation. ‘Dark Memory System’ features an appropriately moody swirling sequence. This is underpinned by another, this time full of rumbling bass. There are so many pulsations flying around here that it is all rather mesmerizing. Fantastic stuff! We journey through the dark and brooding ‘Liquid Crystal’ to ‘Circadian Algorhythm’. It only takes about 30 seconds before a melodic high register sequence and awesome earthquake of a bass sequence strike up. A laser sharp lead line flashes over the top and a real kick ass rhythm makes those foundations shake even more. The sequences dive this way and that like cruise missiles darting over enemy terrain, one awesome lead after another joining the mayhem. What a brilliant track- one of the best, if not the best, Javi has ever composed and probably the most exciting piece of music I have heard all year. The title track uses deep swirling drones to bring up images of an early morning fog shrouded landscape. Crashing heavy rhythms and sequences burst onto the scene again for ‘Sphinx’. A sublime little melody contrasts all the power, leading the way for other lead lines to weave their wonderful spells. The ideal combination of force and beauty. A very low reverberating drone, almost like a snarling animal gets ‘Radar’ going. Sequences emerge forming a wall of notes; with a subtle beauty all of their own, like a waterfall scattering spray as it lands in the lake below. In the third minute things subside to a delicate bell chime melody. It’s simply gorgeous stuff but with a moody twist near the end. ‘Voices in the Space’ features yet more superb ballsey sequences. They morph wonderfully, another lovely melody skipping amongst the pulsations. Things become more syncopated as we reach another pinnacle of the album- very nearly as good as the incredible ‘Circadian Algorhythm’. ‘Epilogue’ finishes things in a pensive, slightly melancholy mood. Ideal for steadying the racing heart just enough to get up and press play once more. Yet another excellent album by Javi that from time to time reminded me a little of Rainbow Serpent. (DL) ;\ ‘\’