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Javi Canovas / Strange Vision

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Escalating fizzing stabs provide an exciting start to ‘Forty Years Ago’. In comes a superb melodic sequence and beautiful contrasting lead line. They combine together exquisitely and set the pulse racing even faster. Things morph this way and that. It’s like riding a roller coaster. In the latter stages rhythmic flourishes give proceedings even greater oomph. Simply awesome! ‘Tzu-Jan’ fires up the sequencer again and as before it is all rather rhythmic. A second sequence falls into place and it’s like an avalanche of pulsations stimulating the senses. This time the lead line is laser sharp. Drums blast us forward at an even faster pace and an excellent organ gives extra bight as well as subtle individuality. The sequences on ‘Prelude’ are so fast it is very difficult to take it all in. ‘Skyjacker’ uses a lovely fat mid seventies sounding analogue lead line to set the scene before the inevitable sequence and percussion accompaniment take over as the main focus of attention. This is the best track on the album so far which gets even better as a new sublime lead does its devastating thing over the top. A rhythm really starts to kick. It got my hands beating out time on the table until another wave of sequences replace it- then yet another, creating a mind teasing, mesmerizing wall of pulsations. This isn’t to say that it’s all power stuff though, there are still some lovely lead touches adding a little shade to the blinding light. ‘Missing Autumn’ gets underway with the most beautiful plucked string and vibes lead line. This is the complete antithesis to the rest of the album and quite frankly a necessary breather. The eye of the storm if you like. Mellotron comes in at just the right time making things even more mellow. In the fourth minute ominous humming pads, almost like a swarm of bees, darken the mood. A relatively subtle sequence picks up the pace a little but things are still laid back with more tron taking a lead role. Another sequence enters in the sixth minute fitting wonderfully with the first. A thick analogue lead weaves over the top as we continue our build up. Even when a subtle rhythm arrives the overall feel is still on the more tranquil side of Berlin School. ‘Skywatcher’ is straight into one hundred mile an hour sequences once more and rather fantastic they are too. Fizzing, swirling effects give something of a psychedelic feel then in comes more gorgeous lush tron. Retro Heaven! ‘Last Journey’ bounds into life on the back of a crashing rhythm. A sedate sequence bubbles along and a rather melancholy melody floats exquisitely in the middle of the mix. The sequence changes and now we plunge firmly into ‘Logos’ period Tangerine Dream territory. What a fantastic way to finish yet another excellent album by Javi. (DL) ;\ ‘\’