Michael Neil / Cornubia


Michael Neil / Cornubia

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If you are a fan of Space Music, relaxation music or simply music of soaring and uplifting qualities then I could recommend no finer album than this. Michael Neil’s third and most accomplished CD to date has been described by some as the finest work of its kind. When it catches you in the mood it’s easy to hear why. The music spans the chasm between gossamer beauty and symphonic spirituality. Had the opener ‘Helman Tor’ appeared as a long lost Vangelis work it would be hailed as one of his greatest ever pieces. In every nuance there is a meaning. ‘Voices in the Aether’ is a subliminal outing of hitherto unimaginable beauty. ‘Forth an Syns’ is the sort of material which sends a shiver down the spine. And the epic (23 minute!) ‘Land of the Saints’ develops from silken threads into the awe inspiring vistas. It is futile to try and further describe the sheer elegance and underlying power of this album. It all sounds so effortlessly brilliant, but so very few can achieve what Michael Neil has created here. It’s a masterpiece of faith inducing proportions. (GG) ;\ ‘\’