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This doesn’t fit into any particular category. It takes the best elements from retro, modern rhythmic, atmospheric- everything really and puts them together to form one of the most enjoyable albums I have ever heard. ‘Evolution’ was a triumph but on ‘Creator’ the sound is even bigger, the hooks even stronger and there is so much of that mysterious factor that is hard to put your finger on that just makes you want to shout out in pleasure. Even the artwork created by Marcus Hildebrandt and put together by Gary Hall is stunning. Tinkling cosmic effects give way to the sound of the wind and big thunder claps. From this dramatic beginning ‘Places Without Traces’ settles down to some gorgeous tranquil pads with faint melodic detail over the top. By any measure this is beautiful stuff. Then in comes the most awesome combination of sequences, rhythms and above all stunning lead lines, each melodic perfection. This surely will be one of those tracks that would be on nearly everyone’s home-made ‘best of’ collection. Just throw your head back and take it all in- Electronic Music just doesn’t get much better than this. We make a smooth transition into ‘Select’ on the back of a plucked strings sequence, beautiful thick almost orchestral pads lifting the spirit. Already in something of a state of euphoria we start to motor ahead with a steady rhythm. Yet more lead lines, some of them delicate, others powerful combine to create a perfect combination of beauty and excitement. Unbelievably this track is just as awesome as the first. ‘First Mystery’ has another delicate beginning with ethereal pads and piano colouring- again beautiful. If you were already stunned by the quality of the first two tracks as I was just wait till you hear the plucked string melody which is now introduced- my God its so emotional. Then we speed things up and the melodies though still retaining great beauty become very exciting. ‘Revival’ continues melodically where the previous track left of but with a slight twist of menace. Then umph, as again the pace is quickened. Rapid sequencer runs follow on from each other almost like one asking the question and the other answering. Its powerful and yet at the same time delicate and emotional stuff. I have no idea how Rainer manages to accomplish all this at the same time. He probably doesn’t know how he does it either- he has the talent and with each release is learning better how to wield it. ‘Elements’ deploys a melodic sequence right from the off then we get powerful stabs of sound. The sequence becomes faster and faster and a laser sharp lead flashes over the top. Your pulse will race as the excitement builds, the melodies will seep into your mind, your feet will move on their own accord and your hands will be playing air keyboard. Yes its another slice of Otarion magic. We are then allowed to relax a little floating on majestic pads with a slow lead calming the heart. We drift into ‘Breath of Eternity’ on suitably breathy / windy sounds, familiar melodies returning but re-worked. They hang in the air, wafting from the speakers to caress the soul. On ‘Strength of Life’ wordless vocals contrast with a swirling rotor blade type sound. Dark drones give things a rather ominous feeling. A large bell rings out then in comes an excellent sequence which again will get your whole body moving. Now I’m in trouble as yet more fantastic lead lines with the most wonderful hooks are deployed but I have no more words in my vocabulary to describe them. The thing is, it isn’t just their individual quality its the way it is all put together that is so impressive. This couldn’t be taught in any book its the sort of thing which is in the heart and mind of the best true musicians. We now bounce along with ‘Ways of Creation’. Its very happy infectious stuff and another highlight in an album which has so many. Just when you think things can’t get any better the mood is somehow changed, a tenseness creeps in but then the melodies and rhythms re-group building to a triumphant conclusion. The album finishes on yet another amazing high with ‘Destination’ which sort of acts like a culmination of all that has gone before, excitement and emotion walking together hand in hand. And that’s a rather good way to sum up the album. OK, I’m biased as this CD’s on the Neu Harmony label but I would think that when we look back at 2002 it will be one of the key albums. It is certainly one that I am extremely proud to have released. (DL) ;\ ‘\’