Under The Dome / Live at HJ7

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What an absolutely incredible album, essential listening from beginning to end.

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This album provides a potted history of the band condensed into just under an hour. ‘Launch’ is a sequencer driven stormer, and what sequences! A bass laden one thunders forth while a bubbly melodic one bounces over the top at 100 miles an hour. It’s a track which works on every level, even the lead line is sensational and Colin’s restrained guitar licks add just the right amount of colour. On ‘Dream Sequence’ a bouncy Morse code type warning sequence acts as the backbone of the track until a delightful delicate lead chimes up. The sequence carries on regardless providing the perfect backing for the melodies. ‘Title 10’ is absolutely gorgeous, water droplet type notes shimmering over the silkiest of pads. A heart-rending melody comes in just at the end introducing the awesome ‘C-57D’. An incredible lead line cries to the heavens. The sound chosen is exquisite, overflowing with power but also emotion as it builds to epic proportions. This is an Under The Dome anthem that no live set should be without. ‘The Rhode Ahead’ gets underway with fizzing pads before a lovely electric piano solo takes the breath away then merges with the initial sequence of ‘Watch the Skies’. A bright sequence bounces over the top whilst a lovely slow bass one rumbles underneath. It all has a very 80s Tangerine Dream feel to it and is yet another slice of pure brilliance. ‘Careful With That Patch, Jolene’ features a steady, grumbling pulsing sequence backed by classic retro synth voices. Now the feeling is more of mid 70’s TD. In some ways it’s all quite delicate and subtle but there is also a mean brooding power in the background just waiting to be unleashed. The beast starts to emerge through ‘Thunder Over City Hall’ but by the time ‘Love Park’ arrives the sequence has transposed and softened to produce an even higher melodic air with an absolutely sumptuous organ then piano lead. This is sensational stuff! Some of the best melodies ever to come out of UK Electronic music. ‘Return’ takes us back to a rapid sequence, sounding like a lead line in its own right. These pulsations and stunning main melody pull at the heartstrings like very few tracks before it. The sounds swell becoming rather euphoric aided by more excellent guitar from Colin. ‘The Forest Road’ was previously called ‘The Forest Path’. Another slow deep bass pulse reverberates from the speakers. Some very gentle guitar licks can just be heard and a mournful lead line cries out low in the mix. A brighter sequence makes its entrance as the track gradually builds to become yet another melodic stunner. ‘Hell’ is another one of the band’s anthems. It condenses the over twenty minute number into just seven, emphasising all the important elements of the original but with added driving rhythm, devastating sequences and an even more intense searing lead line. This lead fairly bounces over the top then the guitar echoes it. Things build to awesome proportions, the synths and guitar duelling against each other as we go. There is even a brief interlude of ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’ in there!!!! What an absolutely incredible album, essential listening from beginning to end. (DL) ;\ ‘\’