Paul Nagle / Lore

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Paul Nagle / Lore

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4 tracks are presented, all neatly packaged around the 16 minute mark, and as with Paul’s Far From Stars project there are guest musicians aplenty – largely the FFS collective underlined by the opener being ‘Chill Factor’ which featured on ‘Proxima Centauri’. Here the track has been fine tuned to perfection, developing carefully to usher in a seductive rhythm which builds seemingly endless expectation until the awe inspiring piano melody hits home. Delightful synth interplay and reversed effects lead into a sharp vox which mutates from freehand into sequence before violin joins the fray. ‘Anachronist’ opens with mellotron flute and effects before a completely sensational sequence hits home at the 4 minute mark. It tracks some delicate guitar work before the bass registers start to be progressively introduced. Layer upon layer is added to produce a mouth watering wall of sequencer backing which moves around with the main melody in delightful fashion. The track ebbs and flows, suggesting closure then flying back at you with awesome power. Japanese style detail then bridges into a more robust rhythm which overlays the sequence layers which make a dramatic return. The mid point reached, and already this album has achieved “essential” status. Yet the remaining tracks, if anything, surpass the form of the first two. ‘Lore’ is based on the most sublime and infectious melody which is picked out on synth voices which bring to mind TD’s ‘Poland’ in one breath, Neuronium’s ‘Chromium Echoes’ in the next. Words are superfluous when confronted with such a heartfelt theme. The mid section is a rhythmic delight, and the symphonic ending a peach. ‘Cascade’ replaces melodic splendour with sequencing from the very highest echelons. I’m not typing much at this stage because I’m enjoying the music too much! For me ‘Lore’ is by far the most accomplished album Paul Nagle has produced so far. For fans of melody, sequencing, or simply of the highest quality EM, ‘Lore’ is unique and unmissable. (GG) ;\ ‘\’